Flexibility:  FlexFitness - Manager

What is your FlexFitness? Are your management skills such that you will be comfortable managing employees on flexible arrangements?

The questions below may help you inventory the key skills you already have and those that might need some further development. They are based on success factors that have made flexibility work for managers here and in other companies.

Please read each statement. If it is true for you, click on the box. 

I am open with my employees and there is mutual respect between us.
I am a good listener and check regularly to make certain that Iím understanding what is being said.
I encourage new ideas.
I give credit to others for their ideas and contributions.
I try to model the behavior that I seek from the employees I manage.
I make sure that employees understand their performance objectives and the results I expect from them.
I regularly give honest feedback in a timely manner, using specific examples.
I am considered to be supportive while expecting business needs to be met.
I keep my eye on the big picture and create team and individual goals that relate to those of the organization.
I give praise for good work and acknowledge when expectations are met or exceeded.
I meet with employees regularly to review progress towards goals and evaluate their performance.
I evaluate performance and contribution on results and demonstration of our values rather than time and presence in the office.
I help employees develop personal career goals.
I know how to manage conflicts successfully.
I am flexible and adaptable.
I take appropriate risks when necessary.

Interpreting Your Results

The more checks you have, the higher your FlexFitness Ė and the more likely you are to succeed as a manager of employees on flexible arrangements. Look at the statements you didnít check. They can help you identify management skills that need further development.

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