Flexibility:  Compressed Workweek

Compressed workweek
schedules redistribute the job responsibilities of a standard workweek. The most common are:

“4 / 100% or 4-day schedule”, in which the full week’s work is compressed into four longer days rather than five (In nonexempt or hourly settings, this option is referred to as a 4/10 schedule.)

“9 / 200% or 9-day schedule”, in which two week’s work is compressed into nine longer days rather than 10.  (In nonexempt or hourly settings, this option is referred to as a 9/80 schedule, and it requires systematic management of overtime.

Employees on compressed workweeks vary their hours, but remain full-time employees.

whether a compressed work week is desirable and feasible
your own behavioral and
technical path to success 
more fully by diving
more deeply

-- See Sample Schedules

-- Weigh Pros & Cons

-- Take FlexFitness 

-- Review Compressed
   Workweek Success 

-- Study tips for Succeeding

-- Review and complete the
   Compressed Workweek

-- Visit Troubleshooting to
   see issues that arise

-- Review Compressed
   Workweek FAQs

-- Read Your Agreement 
to see what’s expected

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