Flexibility:  Flextime

Flextime arrangements allow employees to vary the start and end times of their standard work day around Our Companyís  core hours.  Hours can be fixed or adjusted on a periodic or daily basis.  Exempt employees may need to work longer hours to get their work done, just as they would on a standard schedule.  Flextime is an option that is easy to implement and valued by employees.  Itís a way for employees to deal with responsibilities outside of work without losing work time. 

Generally, there is no impact on your total rewards (compensation and benefits) with this arrangement. For non-exempt employees, a flextime schedule itself should not result in the employee receiving additional overtime pay. Contact your HR representative  for information about overtime laws, which vary by location.

whether flextime is
desirable and feasible
your own behavioral and
technical path to success 
more fully by diving
more deeply

-- See Sample Schedules

-- Weigh Pros & Cons

-- Take FlexFitness 

-- Review Flextime Success 

-- Study tips for Succeeding

-- Visit Troubleshooting to
   see issues that arise

-- Review Flextime FAQs

-- Read Your Agreement 
to see whatís expected

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