Our flexibility approach helps employees and managers redesign the way work gets done. Hundreds of flexible arrangements already exist, building employee satisfaction and improved contribution for Our Company. 

This system will help you explore the options, assess your fit with flexibility and propose a flexible schedule – if you choose. The guidance below, the drop-down and the
Process Training offer what you need to succeed. 


with Our Company's
Guiding Principles

your overall flex fitness and fit with specific flexible options

live and written resources
on making it work

an arrangement using
these key steps

How we do flexibility – the guiding spirit, values and assumptions – is important to us as an organization. 

here to see our Principles.

Several of our Leader Comments are here

Success in flexible arrangements depends on factors including the “fit” between you and these different ways of working.

As managers or employees, you can click
here to assess your fit with flexibility. 

You can click here to see if you are eligible for FWAs.

FAQs:  cover the basics

Option FAQs:
  offer detail in each section

HR Staff:  provide consistent coaching

HR Department:  helps manage the proposal process

• Complete Training
master Process 
- Review option trainings
• Review details on
    specific arrangement
Take FlexFitness
• Go to the Proposal

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