Flexibility:  FlexFitness - Employees

What is your Flex Fitness? Are you a good candidate for a flexible arrangement?

The questions below may help you decide. They are based on success factors that have made flexibility work for employees here and in other companies. 

Before you assess your compatibility with any of the individual options, this tool will help to assess your general fit with flexibility.

Please read each statement. If it is true for you, click on the box. Keep in mind that this assessment is meant only as a guide. The final decision rests with you and your manager.

I am organized and manage my time well.
I have strong self-management skills.
I work well with limited or no supervision.
I can be counted on to complete work assignments and meet deadlines.
I am flexible and adaptable.
I am comfortable making independent decisions.
I can set realistic expectations for myself as to what can be accomplished on an option.
I am results-oriented.
I am a good problem solver.
I can delegate tasks and responsibilities when appropriate without burdening others.
I understand what is expected of me.
I feel that I can meet my performance expectations utilizing flexible options.
I feel I would be able to continue working effectively in teams utilizing flexible solutions.
My communication skills are strong.
I am willing to be available to others during regular hours in order to maintain open communication.
I have significant control over my workflow.
I would be able to participate in some way in all critical meetings and training opportunities if I were on an arrangement.
I would be willing to adapt my arrangement when unexpected business needs arise.

Interpreting Your Results

The more checks you have, the higher your FlexFitness and the more likely you are to succeed on a flexible arrangement. A very low number of checks should encourage you to rethink whether you and your job are suitable for one. 

To determine your "FlexFitness" for a specific flexible work option, go to the Overview Page for that arrangement and
click on the FlexFitness assessment.

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